For Artists, Nurses and Gentlewomen

Application formApply for a Grant

To apply for a grant from the Eaton Fund, you will need to:

  1. Complete an application form.  If the form is not completed it cannot be processed.
  2. Applicants must attach a letter of support from a third party. For artists, support letters are typically from tutors, curators or gallerists.  Support letters for nurses can come from Citizens Advice, social worker, health visitor, key worker, housing officer, or senior colleague. 
  3. Provide evidence of benefits if you are in receipt of any. Please do not send copies of bank statements or payslips. We regret we cannot return documents to you.
  4. Give a realistic estimate of the price of the item you intend to buy.
  5. Please note: this is a small charity and our grants are modest. At the moment our average grant is under £300 and not everyone is successful.


We can post a form or answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Manager at  We use email because our office runs part-time, to save on administration costs.

Individuals can only receive grants from the Eaton Fund once. Therefore if you have had a grant from us before, please note that you are not eligible to apply for another.

When you fill in the form, please use black ink.

Do not change the layout of the form!

We do not accept applications by email.

Once you have sent in your application, it is likely that you will not hear from us until the Trustees have made a decision.  We do not send out acknowledgements in order to save on costs.  You are welcome to contact the Manager (details above) to check that your application has been received.

Please ensure you read our eligibility criteria very carefully before completing your form.